Publication of Registered Patents

A new Trade Mark Journal was published on 31st December 2013, but with a difference. It contains not only the notification of pending applications for the registration of trade marks, but also notification of a number of Patents granted by the Registrar. The Journal was consequntly titled, Trade Marks, Patents and Designs Journal.
Sections 5(3) and 17(3)of the Patents and Designs Act 1971 provide that as soon as possible after the grant of a patent or the registration of a design, the Registrar must publish a notification of that fact.
There is no record of this requirement ever having been complied with by the Registrar. The publicatiion of the Trade Mark, Patents and Design Journal of 31st December 2013 appears to be the first time the publication provisions are being complied with. The current Registrar is therefore to be commended for this.



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